News Race War

We had some people tell us that Lester Holt NBC News Anchor got mad and said kill white people on the nightly news. He drops down his mic and left or the camera stop filming him. We think Lester Holt might of done something bad to Brian Williams in order to take the lead role … More News Race War

Against The Evil

Title this Letter “Against The Evil” I think you’re correct I am being messed with by a Snake Cancer from Ebay check out my Blog and read more. I did not proofread. It sound okay could be better. I am sorry but it is a quick Rant. I think we can do better and the … More Against The Evil


They Say They Want Nothing… So the Virgo saids they want nothing and they try to confuse others and say that they can do things by wanting nothing. Example some Cancer Monkeys and a some Virgos say they want nothing. They think they can win if they simply want nothing. So it is a fair … More Virgo